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emmazhouzhou 2018/04/17 13:52:39 3 2
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elwebito 2020/01/22 00:42:21 0 0
SPOTIFY PVA CREATOR, not working when it goes to fill out captcha it shows error "Please enable JavaScript to get a ...
anon8888 2019/01/11 20:57:12 0 0
HelloWhat's this Data Management for?What to do?Twitter version....
Hoolee 2020/03/25 09:43:52 0 0
I just bought amazon version yesterdayEverything working fine till amazon phone number otp verification stops there with error !And there's no place to put getsmscode api or smspva just captcha api optionPlease need a reply which is updating or how to put sms api , or refund
datalifeplus21 2020/01/21 11:09:52 0 0
Here is a list of accounts that do no work - Please check them and update pleaseAPPLEDailyMotionLinkedinNaverSoundcloudSpotifyFiverrTwitter
ginko147 2020/02/20 04:58:14 0 0
I've tried to use capmonster with PVACreator but 2captcha doesn't work since I'm using proxy for making accounts for anything I want. Is there a way to use the 2captcha use my localhost ip from capmonster instead of using the proxy from my accounts ?
theblackoreo 2020/02/03 01:24:09 0 0
good morning everyone, I'm new here. i would have a problem with outlook pva creator. I would like to create an email and then forward all the emails that arrive to my email address. I saw that conditions and actions can be put in a row but I don't know how to configure them.
jakaria 2020/01/10 18:40:42 0 0
i just buy pva creator facebook version 10 days ago.. i can"t create any 1 account..  i have everything that whitehatbox support tell me.. but i can"t create any account. i just request whitehatbox support to refund me .. but they don"t give my money back.. what should i do now.. can anyone tell me
Joho1919 2020/01/15 14:00:11 0 0
Everytime I try to input a cvs file for spotify emails, it crashes. What is the format I need to use in order to make it so it doesn't crash?Do I need A header??Also, When I click the column and type YES or NO. It only has one box that says yes or no. Does anyone have a fix on how to multi input the same response in the same column? 
moalju 2019/12/17 11:15:31 3 0
Over 6 weeks we have this problem with spotify account creation. They only answer that costumers get is, that their programmers are STUDY the problem. If their programmer needs 6 weeks to Study then i dont know what kind of programmers are that. I know this concerns now for spotify account creation but it can happen also to any other service of pva creator once in the future. And as you can see they will let you wait over 6 weeks like they are doing it here right now. And the problem is still no...
ab33my 2020/01/02 16:04:25 0 0
Paul Johnson 2020/01/02 23:26:48 0 0
jakaria 2019/12/30 12:01:58 1 0
i have a problem .i can"t instail pva software. when i click the run button. no progress in my commend. why this happen.. please help me 
sherman 2019/12/26 21:05:52 0 0
fastgamer917 2019/12/31 08:06:39 0 0
I am very much interested in buying botchief. But i want to know if all the PVACreators here sol on whitehatbox are made with botchief?For example, Is Gmail PVACreator which you are selling is made with botchief? or using C# or Python etc?Thank you.
ab33my 2020/01/02 15:00:58 0 0
Not Showing Any Font in the Softwareimage.png...
moalju 2019/11/16 18:50:48 2 0
adzontilosa 2019/12/24 08:19:53 0 0
或者加下我的QQ 76762?买软件想咨询下细节,另外有兴趣做 Affiliate
rentier 2019/12/21 20:32:12 0 0
Does this verion of pva creator work? And how ? How many account i can create? And how much does sms service cost
ColtonODwyer 2019/12/16 12:43:53 0 0
Hello, I have configured all of my Twitter PVA settings appropriately. When it comes time to enter the verification email code, the program will time out. Do i have to enter this code automatically or is there a way for the program to do this? ...
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