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emmazhouzhou 2018/04/17 13:52:39 2 2
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1997yizhe 2019/08/25 01:03:48 0 0
I failed to create Yahoo account. The error is "Did not find the controls". How to solve that?What I have done:-Added one mobile rotating proxy-Added few hundreds global useragent-Added First Name. Last Name and Gender-Added Username-IMAP and POP3 eneabled-Recovery email blanked-Added 2captcha API-Tel Service is smspva (Api added) (Country:...
1997yizhe 2019/08/24 17:08:31 0 0
I have some presale questions.1) Does PVAcreator for IG version support create accounts using only phone number?2) Does PVAcreator support 5sim.net for sms verification?
heart11502 2019/08/22 15:20:35 0 0
These Files are in "C: \ Program Files (x86)", but it still has this problem. I don't know what to do....
mnprasetya 2019/08/21 08:22:56 0 0
I cant Run PVA :(
duckyduck1 2019/08/19 22:40:10 0 0
Ok, Is a fact that is missing a lot of countries that SMSPVA has. And the ones it has google, facebook, instagram and all those services said that the number has been already used. I need to know whitch one i have to use to create accounts succesfully. Why wont you update the other countries? I loose time and money trying to create accounts.Actually must of the countries on your options are banned from Gmail to verify .. and wtf with vietnam and all these...
gettoaddmefast 2018/11/11 16:21:24 0 0
Please make video tutorial about how to create 1000-10000 youtube accounts using PVA Creator
pooja patel 2019/08/18 16:44:16 0 0
you all are fakewhy...?1. no good replys2. no good confermations3. no good help4. no good members in team i want to purchase yt software but i mail three time and three massages replys is diffterent.    my qustion is = 1. i want to purchase yt account maker so if i purcahse this software can i make unlimited accountyour reply = yes you make unlimited...
DR 2019/08/14 21:44:57 0 0
Hello,what are your experiences with writing google reviews with those accounts created with the PVACreator?Whats the strategy after the creation. of course with proxy.kind regardsDan
Micah4232 2019/03/01 04:28:10 2 0
Hello there,I am writing in hopes that we can discuss a way to improve the gmail creator and the sms providers. I have triede a few small batches to test things out and the getsms and pva numbers are horrible for success rates and the prices are high for the numbers ad well.Do you have plans to implement a new api or sms provider for a better quality product? Or can we discuss this a new api for this product?...
darklorne 2019/07/30 08:21:03 0 0
Every attempt to create an account fails. Yahoo gives "Too many attempts we cant create an account for you". The Captcha feature ISN'T WORKING either, it just sits their waiting. The software has done nothing but use up all my smsgetcode.com balance. Please advise or I'll have to get a refund.
prashanthr 2019/07/21 01:44:56 0 0
Hi I'd  like to know Which is the cheapest working proxy for PVS gmail creator?Thank you
fookiizz 2019/07/23 11:46:10 0 0
Deniz Yilmaz 2019/07/16 05:16:30 0 0
Sistem olu?turdu?um hesaplar?n kullan?c? ad?n? kaydediyor mu?only gives a password and mailI want accounts created to give me the username and the phone does not verify?  ...
iambrandonbeats 2019/07/12 23:56:52 0 0
Good afternoon! I have everything installed, but it seems the PVACreator is not opening (I'm running via VMWare). Is there a way to get this to work? Thanks!
Asilzade 2019/07/10 21:49:01 0 0
Hello there. I'm thinking of getting the Gmail builder and Instagram builder. The negativity I read here affects me. Do these two programs actually work? Do we have the right to return? Does the SMS validation problem also persist? Are opened accounts blocked? Does the user open without proxy
[email protected] 2019/07/09 20:55:25 0 0
Hello everyone, I've been trying to use the PVA to make multiple accounts but I always run on error. I want to have some of the experiences you (users) have: Here's some of mine.* it got some problems running in VPS* I use bluehost emails for accounts and PVA debug window showed that it won't get pass the email to verify the account.* Phone verification needed paid service from smspva and gotsmscode, so it's a bit costly, i...
higusupport 2019/06/26 18:19:29 0 0
Hello, I have managed to install and run PVACreator. I understand how to create Pinterest accounts using a .csv file.I have my own website hosting with my own unlimited emails. I created the emails using my CPanel and I can login to them no problem.When I am creating the Pinterest accounts using PVA Creator, it is Failing to verify the email account. Is there anything else I need to do?Do the email accounts not being verified effect the Pinterest accounts. 
jimin lee 2019/07/05 08:16:49 0 0
I have purchased Gmail creator and since I already have Instagram Creator, I cannot use 2 serial key at 1 PVC Creator?When I first insert Instagram's serial key then gmail's serial key, only gmail works and instagram is no longer available. Also, When I update opposite way, it only works the other.How can I use Both Creators at the same time??please help....
jimin lee 2019/07/04 23:57:26 0 0
Hello, I just purchased PVA Instagram Creator.After Downloaded & extracted the files, I tried to open pvacreator.exe, it doesn't open at all.Nothing happens.....
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