How to Rank Your Site on the Top of Search Engine

nicolos | 2016-11-24 04:27:35

We all want to rank our sites forward in search engines by optimizing website, in addition to external link, we can also start from the site itself to improve their own advantage, which is very effective when many sites can not get a large amount of external links.

In SEO, the tree structure site and flat structure site are more popular in search engines, which is common sense. Here i would like to put forward such a point of view, which is the relevance of the page.

So how to improve the relevance of the page?

1. Good precise layout of the keywords 

Before the website optimization, we must firstly establish a long tail word thesaurus. We should layout long tail word as far as possible in the article, homepage should also be appropriate to layout the latest article to update.

2. Accurate internal link system

Each page requires a "blood vessel" to be connected in series, and the internal link is the "blood vessels", the final is the "blood vessels" interface - anchor text. The anchor text words must be accurate, when related to "what is SEO?", then it must be anchored to the article which is very relevant to the article "what is SEO".

At the end of the article, it is advisable to add a recommendation article related to the title of the article. For example, the title of an article is "What is SEO?", Then, at the bottom of this article, you can add articles related to "what is SEO?". In a word, the article titles that are going to be used must be very relevant.