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Simon Church

Finger printing

ReplyThanks 2020/06/10 00:21:51 0 0

Does this (LATEST ANTI-FINGERPRINT TECHNOLOGY TO BYPASS DETECTION) now exist in the botchief software? As the last time I asked it was not present, even though the sales page said it was..

2020/06/10 17:47:55
This function is available on Runner and the compiled software.
Simon Church
2020/06/10 17:51:44
Is this a new addition to recent software? As last time I queried this with the developers they said that it was not present.
2020/06/13 13:41:58

Not yet,

This function is only available on BotChief Runner and the complied bot. And you can run your module on them. The main function of BotChief Editor is to write module.

The Swag Panda
2020/07/06 00:48:57

i'm curious about this, is it the same case for upload file??

since the time i used upload file, the results wasn't successful in botchief editor software, so i'm asking if this action will be executed successful if use botchief runner??

2020/07/06 10:43:23

No, they are different.

Upload file is a command in BotChief Editor, it should work in Editor too.

What error have you received during using this function please? How do you set it in Editor? You can share us the screenshot of your settings, we will check it for you.

Waiting for your news.

The Swag Panda
2020/07/06 11:58:22
the settings are correct, the this is when i test run it, the upload file window popups and nothing else happens, it's like the bot wants me to select the file to upload, if i'm not mistaken doesn't the bot locates the file from path provided and automatically uploads it??
2020/07/07 17:09:13

Which browser of Editor are you using? Chrome or GeckoFx?

The upload settings between Chrome and GeckoFx are different.

The control you need to select is an input control with a type value of file, not a button.
Or when the control you choose is a button, you need to enable use upload_ file.exe To process it.

Here is a sample, it may help you.


The Swag Panda
2020/07/07 20:10:12
hi, it says module resolution fails
The Swag Panda
2020/07/07 20:21:39
can i get a module for gecko please??
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