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instagram version

ReplyThanks 2019/10/09 16:45:05 1 0


i want to buy instagram version

but im not sure if its work

cuz instagram blocking ip and device fast

and i want to know if its work how many proxy i need to create 1k account ?

and how many sms code i must buy ?


Dora Smith
2019/10/09 18:49:59

Try to use different proxies to register, then use the same proxy to login in the account. This should be able to keep your account secure. Also, you'd better add recovery email address for these accounts.

Proxy is used to hide your local ip. Usually if you only have a few accounts, you can choose not use proxy to run your accounts, but please run your accounts at different specific time. If you have many accounts, then you’d better bind proxies for your accounts. One proxy can be used on 2-3 accounts if you do not have enough proxies.

We are using the 3rd party phone/captcha service API in this software. Which means if you need them, then you need to buy it by yourself. But these services we are using is not so expensive. You can visit their official website to know more.


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