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TrafficBotPro V2 Tutorial

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I am about to purchase TrafficBotPro V2, however, i would like to know if there's any tutorial included?

Also have any one tried with Adwords, if yes what's the result?

Thank you

2019/08/22 17:35:55

Yes, we provide both tutorial document and video.

With trafficbotpro, you can bring traffic for your website through direct visit, bring traffic through keyword search on Google, click your website adsense to earn money for your own and click Google ads to cost your competitor budget.

2019/08/22 20:01:53


Hello Jolin. Thanks for your reply. However, I am currenctly looking to have a rough figure on the budget for this project.

I have checked with illuminati customer service, and i have told them my use case is to click competitors adwords. So they recommend me to choose Static residential proxy they provide however, it seems like for that package there's only 1000 ips for a monthly fee of $500 (not worth and too expensive). I would like to know what exact type of proxy you will recommend from illuminati or what other proxy service and package of them you would recommend that will work for google adwords clicking. Something, that has been prove working.

2019/08/23 08:55:28

My pleasure, TheEmpathy.

Please visit our official website (https://www.whitehatbox.com/) and you will find two proxy suppliers. They are our partner. You can input whitehatbox to the coupon code, then you can get a discount. Any proxy problem, please contact them.

2019/08/23 13:27:43


I believe you didn't completely answered my question. Let's say illuminati proxy, they provide data center proxy, static residential proxy, residential proxy, and mobile proxy which one work for google adwords competitor ads clicking?

2019/08/23 16:33:56

Hi, TheEmpathy.

So sorry for my misunderstanding.

You can choose any one if it can be used to load ads successfully.

Our program only support http proxy, so please go to buy http proxy.

2019/08/25 03:37:24


I just purchased this bot but have not see any tutorial as you mentioned before. Please let me know how could i get the tutorial thank you.

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