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Robbie White

Need help making task to comment on my subscribers new videos

ReplyThanks 2019/08/15 23:20:43 1 0

Ok so I found the attached task to comment on my subs videos, but when I run it, it keeps trying to comment on the same video.. And also is it possible to not only comment on the video but also like it at the same time?

Thank you!!!

I tried to attach the task but its not letting me upload. so I added a picture of the task.

2019/08/16 14:47:26

You can compress your task and upload it here.

Do upload your log file at the same time.

Robbie White
2019/08/17 16:05:03
We have sent it to the programmer,please wait for the news.
Robbie White
2019/08/19 08:28:58
ok thank you
2019/08/19 11:03:50
5 # Robbie White 2019/8/19 8:28:58
ok thank you

You task is normal.

We need to check your log file.

Please send us the log file.

2019/08/19 11:06:05
It may be like this:
Robbie White
2019/08/20 05:37:06
2019/08/20 15:00:33
Where is your log file?
Robbie White
2019/08/20 18:11:13
can you tell me where to get the log file I do not see where its at.
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