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TheEmpathy 2019/08/21 22:19:23 1 0
Hello,I am about to purchase TrafficBotPro V2, however, i would like to know if there's any tutorial included?Also have any one tried with Adwords, if yes what's the result?Thank you
savior_khan 2019/08/18 21:22:32 1 0
Hi,If you are a daily user of trafficbotpro, then i need help from you.I am looking to purchase this software but i have some questions from someone who have used this software. Please let me know if you want traffic from specific countries for different campaigns, how do you get traffic from particular country. Also which proxy provide you use.Thank you so much.Any help...
ronconkreet 2017/11/19 07:03:16 0 0
The software is not running. The following error message showing:"Load browser DLL file failed, please run it again using administrator rights". I have use administraor rights and downloads:http://www.botchief.com/xulrunner29.0.ziphttp://www.botchief.com/xulrunner33.0.ziphttp://www.botchief.com/xulrunner45.0.zipI try run Traffic Bot Pro with Windows 7...
johnaaa 2019/08/05 16:42:16 0 0
Hi,Is there a way to drive traffic to my Amazon product from google with specific keywordsGoogle (Amazon : my keyword) => amazon => search the keyword on amazon => scroll through the pages until it finds my product then click on it.+ with unique IP addressThanks in advance for your answer.
[email protected] 2017/11/15 12:34:03 0 0
When I run this program, always show warning: "Load browser.dll failed, please run again using administrator rights."This is happened again and again although I have use administraor rights....
ImmadKhalid 2019/07/12 06:52:43 0 0
I am the only user on this pc and have full administrative rights. Running on Windows 10 Home 64 bit OS. Not sure if anyone else had these problems. Any help would be much appreciated. 
Chris656 2019/07/21 16:25:18 0 0
Hi there,the TBP2 works kind of fine at the moment. As I am using GSA PS I have a success rate about 50%, thats ok for me.But for some kw the CTR is too high and away from reality (50-70%). Do you guys have any idea how to rise impressions and not click the website? I want the CTR to be between 10 and 15%Thanks for any idea!
batman56 2018/05/30 13:31:13 0 0
I bought TrafficBotPro Full Version. I want to click on Adsense on my website. Can you give me instructions on how to setup the bot to click on Adsense please? I have already spend 3 hours but I cannot figure it out. thank you
144DigitsCells 2019/05/27 11:55:27 0 0
When I click the settings button, I get an error about a DLL Loading, tells me to run as administrator even though I already am. Basically I see it downloading XULRUNNER6.0 over and over and over but never seems to unzip it, as I can never find it in the directory where it's supposed to be, V1 has XULRunner folder.Error Message:See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-...
Randle4813 2019/05/15 07:37:19 0 0
I'm a little confused about something and I need clarification. If I have 5 rotating proxies that rotate every 10 minutes to a new IP. How do I set time between visits on the traffic bot? If that makes sense
fadabaci 2019/07/02 20:36:30 0 0
Is there any better way to set up and use this software without being detected google adsense,i have the recommended proxy services (Luminati/Geosurf) but my adsense account keeps getting blocked, please i need help from members and users of this software who have success rate with google adsense using this traffic bot pro.i need help pls.
darklorne 2019/06/20 13:34:56 0 0
NO TUTORIALS or USER MANUAL! Why are you selling Software with no instructions how to Use it!? I just purchased Traffic Bot Pro II $175 and there is NO USER MANUAL NO VIDEOS NOTHING! All I could find on the internet was an OLD video from 2 years ago. The software interface looks NOTHING like it does on the video, and the volume of the guy speaking is VERY LOW, I can barely hear him. I am pissed off! To charge this much for software and expect people to just GUESS how to use it. Ridiculous! If I ...
Luckystar 2017/08/11 21:19:54 1 0
Cannot see any video support for the TrafficBotPro, Why?  No tutorial, no manual and no video. Cannot understand some of the functions. Please post tutorial.Urgent.....
fadabaci 2019/06/14 21:34:51 0 0
Does this bot really click on ads on adsense enough for google to record as a click?
Pawel Burski 2019/06/16 18:20:52 0 0
Will this software hurt/suspend my AdSense account. I intend to get the full version to generate traffic and click on my pages
Igotcha2018 2019/04/24 22:42:56 0 1
Hi,I just installed V2 for testing purpose (V1 is running well). After setting up a google (google.de) task I want to run it and get:d1_The Type initializer for "Gecko.GeckoPreferences" raised an Exception or in German "d1_Der Typeninitialisierer für "Gecko.GeckoPreferences" hat eine Ausnahme verursacht".System is Windows Server 2012.UPDATE:...
[email protected] 2018/11/06 00:47:13 0 0
HiIs there an issue with the servers because I tried to run the program after restarting my PC and it keeps getting the error message "network error, please try to login later again" ...
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