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dreamwhite 2020/04/03 00:06:29 0 0
can somebody give me thesaurus, im in trouble.
[email protected] 2020/04/01 12:35:52 0 0
The registration code I purchased is unavailable on the web page, it prompts Serial number error, please re-enter.
tyj 2020/03/27 10:29:52 0 0
radenbagus 2020/03/22 09:04:01 0 0
Hi, I am trying to use SpinnerChief API for my projects but the parameter is not working. This is the url that I usehxxp://api.spinnerchief.com:9001/apikey=myApi&username=Username&password=Pass&spintype=0&original=1The problem is it replace the original words[year] is the best time to get free [mainCurrency] from [gamename] generatorinto[year] {...
howard.kenyon 2019/11/25 00:09:21 0 0
Hi I have just bought SpinnerChief 6 and is't not loading past the start screen ...
Tem P 2020/02/20 03:32:57 0 0
Hey, From last 15 days, I am seeing Network error - cannot connect to remote server error is coming.Please resolve asap
David Kellas 2020/01/24 16:35:42 0 0
when it auto submit to wordpress copies first paragraph for title, need to know how to configure spinnerchief to only submit wordpress posts with the title's i chose?
[email protected] 2020/02/02 21:15:10 0 0
Hi, SupportMy Spinnerchief 6 is not working.When I click on Run button then appears the an error window(screen shot attahched).Please provide me the solution.I am contacting you privately because now a days SC complaint increasingly rapidly.Thanks...
Suheyl 2018/11/28 23:36:51 0 0
Hey,so after opening my text (rtf) and then spinning it always looses the formation. Is there any way to prevent that? I will jump out of my fucking window if because i searched the whole internet, i couldnt find anything. Suprise me!
[email protected] 2020/01/05 17:12:11 0 0
Hi,I noticed that there is a lib of Python2 version developed 7-8 years ago. github.com/niteoweb/spinnerchiefDo you have any plan to develop a Python3 version?Thanks,askool
[email protected] 2020/01/05 05:19:59 0 0
Hello I just bought spinner chief a few hours ago and I received my license code but it does not work I already sent a message to the support but it remains unanswered
Cheap Shopping 2019/11/18 19:02:21 1 0
First,  Spinnerchief 6 is a very nice program but i think there should be a comprehensive tutorial (videos or ebook) on how to use this wonderful program. Now i have been searching for the tutorial on how to Post from spinnerchief to wordpress, i tried chatting both Skype and through email but slow or no respond yet. please someone should methanks
kangyadi 2019/12/24 20:29:09 0 0
Hello sir, today i want upgrade my elite spinnerchief to ultimate and i open ticket for more information about that. Because i didnt find any menu or option to upgrade.Im happy with their response, but after i pay, I did not get a response to the payment that I made.I don't know what else to do. Maybe someone can help me here?Thank you
morrowmann 2019/12/20 18:02:33 0 0
Hi,Is there any way that I could schedule SpinnerChief batch spinner? I know that SpinnerChief has a webspinner but that has it's limitations. I would like to use the desktop software to batch spin articles created by another software.Is there a way to use the batch spinner and all its settings in scheduled mode? If not is there a chance to implement such functions?Thanks!
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