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WhiteHatBox 2014/01/12 10:53:55 0 0
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BaratosOnline 2015/10/20 13:02:48 0 0
I bought a license of 5 Answereye accounts. When I try Chek accounts I always get in status "timeout". I enabled the debug and check as I enter my Yahoo perfectly, where's the problem ?. I hope I can provide a solution.
Zavarzin 2015/07/25 10:28:50 0 0
I have purchased Answereye but have never used it.Please issue me a refund.
joerazor 2015/05/16 12:29:28 0 0
I tried to post over 100 different answers.. None of them are visible!!I can only see them when logged in via the same ANSWERER's account.. but they are not visible publicly and are getting ghosted...What's wrong here?
diggie85 2015/01/17 06:52:46 0 0
Hi,I cannot find how to import accounts from file in the updated answereye...Please help
Zavarzin 2014/12/18 15:36:21 0 0
My AnswerEye software has updated to v5.4.1 but when the program launches I get this error:See the end of this message for details on invoking just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.************** Exception Text **************System.IO.FileNotFoundException: ../../Img/checkbox (no).png   at System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(String filename, Boolean useEmbeddedColorManagement) ...
glennbatten 2014/12/30 04:34:32 0 0
I do most of my web work on an ultrabook with ust 128gb ssd and just got a warning that my hdd was full. I checked using Treesize and found 17.6gb of cache files in Answereye...
answertothesky 2014/12/25 23:02:49 0 0
Hello,so for some of the accounts I ordered and entered into AE, Yahoos blockage system fired up and restricted access; I had to manually unblock them. Could AE automatically enter the right secret answer to automate the whole process even more?
fanturo 2014/09/18 13:57:37 0 0
Answereye does not work anymore as Yahoo has made some changes. It shows account invalid although accounts are valid. We are still waiting for the update. Please release the update asap.
Zavarzin 2014/12/24 08:16:20 0 0
In the WhiteHatBox software it says there is a new version available.When I install the new version it says it installed it, but the icon shows that there is a new version still available.I try to launch the software then it downloads the update againg and so on...So it got stuck on the update thing. Can't install an update!
JackLien 2014/09/11 23:41:30 0 0
Hi, Look, i bind every yahoo account with a proxy. Also, i  am sure the proxy works well.and the account is brand new, but when i use them in answer eye ultimate , it shows "Accounts Invalid",,, so what is the problem ????
Zavarzin 2014/08/18 10:17:29 0 0
Can't use AnswerEye because it doesn't work:1) AnswerEye doesn't save proxy settings, when I restart the program all proxy settings are gone2) It can't find questions in real time, there is no a tree to expand3) Yahoo removed their advanced search. How do you search for open answers?I've left you my TeamViewer details in Skype, so please login to my PC anytime and fix the bugs!
kasun0777 2014/08/26 04:06:39 0 0
I bought Answereye today. Bofore I used the trial version. Now I can't find where to add serial key. Please help me asap.Thank You.
qazqaz 2014/05/03 04:18:55 0 0
Hey is there any chance you could add to Answereye support for dsl users? I mean it simply would change ip every time when logging to new account. I know it would only work on 1 thread.. but hey.. you could create/support unlimited accounts.. :)
mimasap 2014/04/17 05:56:15 0 0
Hello!I've got a problem with the software when trying to post non-English characters, the questions come up with "?"'s instead of the correct text. I think this has to do with the encoding the software uses, as if I post manually it works, as well as the text displays correctly within the software. Is there anything I can do about this?Thanks!
rajkamal89 2014/04/09 18:46:15 0 0
voting is not working anymore. I think Yahoo made some changes. Please check asap!
cata546 2014/03/03 12:01:47 0 0
Hello,I have bought some yahoo accounts and I want to take them to level 2 by voting. Problem is your software gives me a login error when I try to vote. I don't have this problem in a browser, I get a sign in notify in the email because I am logging in with another IP but the accounts work just fine. I have private proxies.Please help me out with this, here are a few...
fanturo 2014/03/25 18:41:17 0 0
Question search is not working anymore. I think Yahoo made some changes. Please check asap!
diggie85 2014/02/26 04:44:38 0 0
Hi,Really need a way to assign an answer to a specific URL (specific question on Yahoo...
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